Navigating Work-Based Training

Placements in Aged Care

Trainer and Assessor and Guest Speaker Constance Pisano 

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Where Room 5 Hilton, Level 6, 250 Collins Street 

When Monday 29th January from 12 to 1 PM


The WBT Workshop, titled “Navigating Work-Based Training and Placements in Aged Care,” aims to prepare students for a seamless transition from classroom learning to real-world practice. The workshop covers the definition and significance of Work-Based Training (WBT) in aged care, emphasizing its role in bridging the gap between theory and practical skills. The benefits of WBT, characteristics of effective programs, and the importance of mentorship will be discussed. 

The workshop delves into the critical aspect of navigating aged care placements, highlighting their significance in professional growth and workforce preparation. It explores various types of placements, such as residential care facilities and community care, providing practical tips for students to prepare for their placements and emphasizing the importance of understanding facility policies. 

Section 3 focuses on successful placement experiences through student testimonials and an interactive discussion to address expectations and concerns. Section 4 addresses common challenges in aged care placements, discussing communication issues and strategies for building resilience during challenging moments. 

The conclusion summarizes key takeaways, highlighting the value of WBT and placements in shaping successful careers in aged care. A Q&A session encourages students to seek clarification and advice. Closing remarks express gratitude for participation and encourage students to embrace WBT and placements. Additional resources in the form of handouts provide information on finding placements, tips for success, and contact details for support services.