Wage Increase for Aged Care Workers

Aged Care / Wage Increase for Aged Care Workers
Wage Increase for Aged Care Workers

Historic Wage Increase for Aged Care Workers

A Milestone Decision by Fair Work Commission

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has announced a significant wage increase for aged care workers across Australia. Given the challenges of an ageing population, this decision is a major step towards recognising the vital role these professionals play in society.


Long-standing recognition exists that aged care workers are among the most devoted and undervalued healthcare professionals. Despite their crucial role in elderly care, their pay has not always matched its complexity and importance. After extensive deliberations and advocacy by various stakeholders, the Fair Work Commission’s recent decision aims to rectify this long-standing issue.

Details of the Pay Increase

The decision by the Fair Work Commission grants a significant wage increase of up to 28.5% to aged care workers. A personal carer’s average salary will increase from $23.10 to $32.52 per hour. This change is intended to address reward discrepancies in healthcare, particularly compared to other areas with equivalent skills and responsibilities. Due to the diversity of aged care roles, the Fair Work Commission has structured the salary increase by employment level and qualification. For instance:

Impact on the Aged Care Sector

The rise will likely improve the lives of thousands of aged care workers, recognising their vital contributions to the community and reflecting the sector’s diverse roles. It is likely to improve staff morale and job satisfaction, which are crucial for maintaining high standards of care. Furthermore, better wages could help attract more professionals to the industry, addressing many facilities’ current staffing shortages.

Phased Implementation Strategy

Despite the groundbreaking nature of the increase, the full benefits will not be immediate. The Albanese government has proposed that the Fair Work Commission phase in the increase over two years, starting in January 2025. The full wil implementation will be by January 2026. The gradual strategy avoids “large one-off wage increases” that could cause workforce shortages in other areas.

The government’s submission stated that this approach is “fair and reasonable” for workers involved in direct care. The decision follows a 15% temporary salary rise placed in November 2022 to boost aged care worker compensation.

Become an Aged Care Worker

If you’re inspired by aged care workers’ dedication and recent wage increases, being an aged care worker might suit you. This role offers the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of the elderly and improve their quality of life daily. Aged care workers provide critical support that includes personal care, companionship, and assistance with daily activities.

A certificate course like CHC33021 – Certificate III in Individual Support or CHC43015 – Certificate IV in Ageing Support. Allied Institute in Melbourne offers courses in personal care, legal and ethical standards, and patient-specific support.

For more details, check out our blog “How to Get a Job in Aged Care?”.

Looking Forward

The decision by the Fair Work Commission is not just a win for Aged Care Workers but a significant step forward for the healthcare industry in Australia. It sends a strong message about the value of care work and sets a precedent for future negotiations in other sectors.

This historic pay increase is a testament to the collective effort and advocacy of aged care workers and their supporters. It highlights the importance of investing in individuals who spend their life to helping others and rewarding them.

With the sector’s growing demand and the recent wage increases, now is an excellent time to consider a career in aged care. This path not only promises a stable job but also offers a fulfilling experience as you enrich the lives of the elderly.


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