Find out what International Students need to know about applying and studying at Allied Institute.

Applying to Allied Institute

Can I speak with any staff about my study options?

Our friendly team is here to support you all the way. It is advised that you seek assistance from a registered education agent or one of our marketing executives when considering the best study journey for your future goals. Give us a call on 03 7068 0005 and chat to us about your study options, program structures, entry requirements, fees, scholarships, career support, life in Melbourne and more…

To avoid delays in admission processing, submit a complete set of supporting documents including:

    • Passport
    • Copies of academic transcripts.
    • Certified copies of all graduation certificates in both the original language and English
    • Evidence of English language proficiency
    • CV, work reference letter (if applicable)
    • Statement of Purpose for offshore students

Our next intake is typically available in every month except December. This is to assure our prospective students that they can have enough time and mind to finalise their applications. Please refer to our Academic Calendar for more details about our intake periods.

Your offer letter outlines the deposit payment required to accept your offer and secure your place in your program. This payment is allocated towards tuition for your first term.

After you have enrolled, you will be invoiced for any outstanding tuition or fees due. Due dates vary depending on the charge and are displayed clearly on your invoice.

Any international student who meets the entry requirements for each course can apply to our programs​. 

While we can assist students in discovering cost-effective accommodation options in close proximity to the campus, including hostels and shared houses, it’s important to note that the financial responsibility for such arrangements lies with the student. 

We have partnered with Together Co-Living to lock in some special prices on accommodation. Check it out here.

The college requires an initial payment, incorporated into the Letter of Offer, to generate the Confirmation of Enrollment (COE). The outstanding balance can be conveniently settled through instalment payments throughout the course duration. Detailed information about the payment plan will be outlined in the Letter of Offer.

If you have finished a qualification in another vocational college, you might be eligible for credit transfer if there is any duplicated unit between the two qualifications. Please do not hesitate to contact our admissions team and marketing executives for more information.

Current Students

I would like to speak with someone regarding my studies, or fees. Who do I contact, and can I speak with someone in person?

Depending on the request there are several support emails to contact.

For all general enquiries regarding to student life, academics, and studies, please contact the student experience team at:

And if you would like to book an appointment with the student experience team, you can book an appointment using the link here:

For all fee enquiries please contact:

For all IT enquiries, please contact IT at:

Your orientation will take place at 6/250 Collins Street, Melbourne. The exact date and time will be confirmed over email one week before the day.

Our orientation day will provide you with important information regarding your studies, as well as documentation, timetables, and uniform fittings. All of which must be completed before you are able to start your course.

Orientation is compulsory at Allied Institute, and face-to-face. If you miss orientation, next steps will be sent to you over email.

We look forward to welcoming you at Allied Institute!

When applying for suspension you will be given 7 working days to provide evidence for your application. This evidence must be compassionate and compelling, demonstrating a situation beyond your control. This falls into four categories:

  1. Serious illness or injury, where a medical certificate states that the student was unable to attend classes.
  2. Bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents (a death certificate should be provided).
  3. Major political upheaval or natural disaster in the home country requiring emergency travel.
  4. A traumatic experience such as being involved in or a witness to an accident or crime (these cases should be supported by police or psychologists’ reports).

If your assessment is in the Moodle platform, you can request a reopening of assessment by mailing the Student Experience Team here:

If this is your second attempt, this can be reopened for one week’s time.

If this is your third attempt, you will need to first pay a $50 reopening fee per assessment. An invoice can be generated to this amount when requesting the assessment to be reopened.

If you fail a third attempt, we will reassess your case for potential re-enrollment. This will incur a cost of $250. (Reference: Assessment Policy & Procedures)

If your assessment is in the Axcelerate platform, you can request this from your trainer. Once you reach a third attempt for an assessment, you will need to request the assessment to be reopened by the Student Experience Team by mailing them here:

Unsatisfactory Course Progress is defined as being ‘Not Yet Competent (NYC)’ in more than 50% of the units during a study period (Term). To achieve competent (C) status in a unit, you are required to pass all assessments.

For example: If a term is six units of study, you must complete three units of study to avoid this warning letter. Do note, this is just to avoid a warning letter. Completing your course requires the completion of all units of study.

The ITR is issued when a student has received unsatisfactory course progress letters for two consecutive study/term periods and has not successfully implemented the provided support or intervention plan.

To address this situation, we recommend the following steps:

  • Appeal the Decision:

You have a window of 20 working days to appeal the decision. Fill out the appeal form (CFS03: Complaints and Appeals Form), which can be found here.

  • Book a Meeting:

Schedule a meeting with our Student Experience Team to discuss your case in detail. This meeting will provide an opportunity to explain any challenges you’ve faced and explore potential solutions.

Please be aware that failure to appeal within the specified timeframe may result in the cancellation of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

If you have missed classes, catchup sessions can be arranged. Without a valid reason for missing these sessions, however, these sessions will incur fees.

To apply for catchup classes, please fill out our online form here:

Provide as much detail as you can so we can arrange these catchup sessions. This includes the exact sessions you require, unit code, name, and session number if applicable.

If you missed class for a medical, or other reason, please also attach evidence proving your absence from these sessions in the link we mentioned before.

Please contact our Student Experience Team at least two weeks before the term break period. They can be reached via email here:

In your email, you will need to attach a Request Form for your holiday letter to be processed and provided. This can take up to 10 working days to process.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any doubts – our team is here to help and happy to provide clarification or assistance!